My husband and I exited downtown Los Angeles late one night after a BABYLAND concert with our two young sons in March, 2004. We were stunned by the vast numbers of people sleeping on the concrete sidewalks throughout the Skid Row area. Many had nothing more than the clothes they were wearing and a cardboard box for shelter. It had an especially profound effect on our oldest son, Andrew, who was 8 years old at the time, and a Cub Scout in Pack #735. He asked us, “Why are people sleeping on the street?” We continued to discuss the matter as a family over the next few weeks, as he repeatedly brought up the subject. One particularly cold and rainy night, in the midst of our conversation, the CAMPAIGN FOR CARE project was conceived. My husband and I felt that we had the choice of either telling our little boy that nothing could be done to help, or showing him that you can make a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life.

Since that time, CAMPAIGN FOR CARE has grown to include a diverse team of volunteers who wish to help homeless men, women, and children who are sleeping on the streets by giving them a hand-tied fleece blanket & foam mattress pad set. Hand-tying the fringes on the blankets was the chosen design because this process can only be done by hand. This communicates to the receiver of the blanket that someone took the time to make each blanket special on their behalf.
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CAMPAIGN FOR CARE celebrated the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, 9-21-09, by distributing 300 hand-tied fleece blankets/foam pads/bags of hygiene items/blank stamped envelopes with stationary/socks/knit hats for the homeless children and adults sleeping on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. We wish to thank all the contributors and volunteers who have made this special day possible, especially the students from 17 schools throughout Los Angeles and Orange County who made all the blankets out of concern and care for the homeless. They have been instrumental in the effort, and their kindness and many notes of encouragement have been a tremendous inspiration. Campaign For Care belongs to everyone who participates in any way, and we are so touched by the spirit of volunteerism that we have witnessed in the youth. They are the hope of the future, and we are so pleased and proud of them for their sense of duty to help those less fortunate.
With much gratitude and admiration,
Stacy Tuttle
project to assist homeless
children and adults in
Los Angeles and beyond